Personal growth meets sustainability


Living in today's world means living in ambivalences. Sustainability is being talked about everywhere and yet we humans find it so hard to treat our home, Mama Earth, well. 

The narrative of separation has run through human history for thousands of years and while we humans have not only placed ourselves above nature and animals, we have managed to become more dissatisfied even as our prosperity has increased. We have lost the connection to ourselves, to our community, to nature and to the animals. 

We know that our lifestyle is destroying and causes irreparable damage.

Why can't we change?


This is where the workshop comes in: a look at sustainability without the thoughts of bans, waivers, restrictions and finger pointing. Any change requires intrinsic motivation, and sustainability is no different: being part of the solution, rather than the problem, means understanding and wanting it from within. 

Not because Greta Thunberg says so. 

Not because it is hip to shop sustainable fashion, or greenwashing is the only way to generate even more growth. 


But because the view of the interconnectedness of all being offers the gentle chance to live a more content, more sustainable life.



In this philosophy, "the other" does not exist, and that is precisely what allows confidence and hope to enter the party. The history of separation (which is the opposite of interbeing) thrives on extremes and struggles. Left or right. Vegan or meat-loving. Eco or posh. Demonstrating against the climate crisis or ignorantly living on. 


These fights make us sick. Make the planet sick. In order To save ourselves and our livelihood, we should start thinking differently. Not "either, or" but "and." To understand the complexity of the challenges, we can't think in clusters and direct measures. Not just measure in CO2 how good or bad our lifestyle is. We should reach out to each other. Reaching out to nature. Learning to think in medians and grey zones. 





The topic of sustainability is so complex and therefore so hard for many people to grasp. Is organic meat sustainable? And are windmills good or bad? What about lithium which is essential for e-mobility? 

My approach is not to lecture or to say what is "okay" and what is "not okay". There are other experts for that. My work is to give you a feeling for yourself, what is okay for you. 

We have to start now. Are you in?



Over the years I have read thousands of pages, educated myself with workshops and advanced training. First I was a frequent flyer, then became almost vegan and banned all packaging. At first I went overboard for years, then withdrew from things, suffered and now found a middle way that I want to share:

Ready is THE workshop that unites everything. (You're welcome) 🤝🤠

The best of Buddhism, climate protection and personal development

Change management tools that ensure long-term changes


Systemic coaching interventions that enable the ability to act. 


Overflowing of ease, warmth and fun

The cornerstone for the workshop is the word Interbeing, invented by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

You may have already read about the philosophy of The House of Good that Interbeing runs through everything I do:


Interbeing - the connectedness of all being.

A lighthearted approach to a more sustainable lifestyle.


I consider this a very healing philosophy to be the golden middle in the

western society. Because the further we grow as society,

the more we seem to grow apart! And so we can't move forward by

constantly attacking each other for what one or the other is doing or not doing.



These workshops are not just about gaining knowledge (otherwise you could just google or use ecosia what Interbeing is 😉🌳) but I combine the following fun elements:


Information about interbeing and its usability in everyday life


Change management tools for change processes


Systemic Coaching interventions


A recognized Danish method of personal development

Book your Interbeing Workshop:

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For You

Do you want to finally find access to sustainability without becoming Judgy-Jane?

Image by Ian

For Friends

Are you a group of people who are interested or want to stand up for the topic? For 3 or more participants I design...

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For Companies

You want to make your company more sustainable, but don't know how? Book me for a workshop in which we...

This workshop is for you / your company if you

... are interested in sustainability but don't know where to start

... you have tried 103 times to start a more sustainable lifestyle but unfortunately it hasn't

  worked out sustainably (haha, pun intended!)


... you want to be part of the solution instead of the problem

... are skeptical of the buzzword but curious about a new (old) approach


This workshop is not for you if ...


... gotcha! 😉 It's for everyone! There is no level that you have to have reached anywhere.

You don't have to be vegan and you don't have to become vegan after the workshop. I don't care if you drive an SUV or stocked up on 97 tracksuit sets during the pandemic ...



Who am I to judge ?!

The basis for my workshop are the life-changing works of Charles Eisenstein, Thich Nhat Hanh, Vicki Robins, Simon Sinek, Peta Kelly, Lifewheel, and many more. As well as the UN Sustainability Development Goals, several training courses and my own life experience. I see it like many great people of the movement:

I am the channel, the input comes from many fantastic sources. And the workshop is exactly that

mixture that helps me to make peace with the issue of sustainability and #abetterworld.

I have dealt so intensively with the topics so you don't have to anymore 😉🥰🤍