For a while now I've been wondering "does the world need another podcast?" and when I met Nina one cozy winter evening at an online book club, it was crystal clear a few days later: YES, the world definitely needs one more podcast: ours.


ON.WORDS is not a conventional podcast. We are Podcast 2.0!


We think the speaking further and after half an hour of talking we go into individual creation.

 ON.WORDS - Podcast 2.0 

Two women. One idea. Infinite possibilities.

What that means? That can be anything! From drawing, painting, portraying to blogging, stamping, writing to dancing, poetry or handicrafts. The only rule: there is no rule! Except: after 30 minutes a line is drawn again.


Everyone is free to continue working on their creation afterwards, but the 30-minute count will be digitally recorded for the time being.

Our guarding rails


WORD: A word that gives the impuls to our session.


DIALOGUE : 30min. dialogue about what comes to mind


FLOW : Then at least 30min. individual time for creative expression inspired by the conversation.


OPENING : Share the dialogue, the flow and your own thoughts with the public (including via YouTube, Instagram and our own blogs).


Collaboration with








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