The term interbeing is coined by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Interbeing means the connectedness of all beings and thus goes beyond interdependence. Interbeing means a bit more than that, actually understanding everything as one. Everything is one.


In interbeing there is no such thing as "the other".


I discovered interbeing as an approach to a sustainable way of life through Charles Eisenstein. In his book Climate he explains that overcoming the climate crisis must not be a fight.


If we continue to think and act in the same paradigm as before, there will be no real change.




Charles argues for a paradigm shift in which the changes needed for a better world come from a place of love, confidence, and compassion, not despair, disconnection, and struggle. 


My approach starts there a bit before: before I can see, understand and love the supposedly "other" as part of myself, I must first be able to see, understand and love myself.


Therefore, the philosophy of The House of Good® is entirely based on the basic idea of ​​Interbeing. Compassion through personal growth to yourself. Compassion for all animals and all beings on the planet. Because...

Deeply content people

live more sustainably

Sophie E. Bochtler

Schaue hier ab 27:26 was der buddhistische Mönch Matthieu Ricard zu meinem Ansatz sagt. 

(Matthieu Ricard ist buddhistischer Mönch und promovierter Molekularbiologe in Zellulargenetik. Seine Forschung, Bücher und Auftritte zum Thema Glück sind weltweit anerkannt.)

From Self to Sustainability

Interbeing as a holistic concept. The transformation to a happier, more sustainable self! From the inside to the outside.

Interbeing Workshops

Interbeing as a workshop on a more sustainable approach. Whether at work or in everyday private life!