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Hello, hello!

I'm Sophie , 30, born & raised in Hamburg where I live and commute to beautiful city and second home Copenhagen .


With The House of Good® I finally turned my hobbies into a job in 2021.

How a drummer and a singer use their talents and form a band, I thought:


"I live for Personal Development and Mother Earth - let's go for it full-time!" 🤩

I decided to coach out of passion for personal development.


After I was able to answer in January 2020 the question "does the world really need more coaches?!" with a clear " hell, yeah! ", I decided to be certified as a systemic consultant .


I am particularly fond of the systemic approach because it says among other things: there is no one way how to perceive the world . And I think that's the most respectful assumption when being with one another ♥️

Authors like Peta Kelly , Stephen Covey, Tom Rath & Barry Conchie, Mel Wells & Simon Sinek (and many more!) have guided me on my own personal growth journey since 2013. And in the end, working with my own coach inspired me to make it my life's work: helping other people to have the courage to be themselves!

Read                        more about my work as a coach!

I've been a sustainability enthusiast since 2018.

Until 2020, however, I still worked in the chemicals and raw materials industry.

I am grateful for this reality check that I was able to experience there and thus able to understand the complexity of the world's dependence on oil and gas from the front row.


First in retail and later as a Change Manager, I tried to steer things in a more sustainable direction. I failed, and that failure was the kickoff for The House of Good®💚


Because only when I was able to admit that I was wrongly placed there (a penguin on land or a primrose in the Sahara), that I could not be Me and constantly running against the wall, I did realized two things for myself:


  • When I am 95 years old, sitting in a rocking chair, I want to be able to honestly answer my great-grandchildren's question “There was a crisis, and what did you do?” ....“ I did the very best I could! "


  • With coming home to my real Me & experiencing deep contentment -

Sustainability & climate protection is not a burden for me, but a loving duty, that I am happy to do, thanks to the philosophy of Interbeing.


Still, I live in big cities and not self-supported in New Zealand (but maybe someday!). It is important to me not to run around with a raised finger and teach other people what to do or not to do. 😌

consuming stopped. I no longer had to compensate, no longer “buy away” my day-to-day work through frustration shopping or expensive trips. Smother the pain with beautiful, colorful things that would make me happy for a short time, but not touch the core of the matter.



Check out if the philosophy of Interbeing could perhaps work for you too!

So, this was me in a tiny nutshell! I'm really truly happy that you are here.


Do you feel that we could get together in one of the fields of sustainability and/ or personal development or love?

Get in touch with me here or find me on the usual social networks, happy to connect!


With much love, spirit and confidence for creating a better world,